A.S.DIXON Establishment Stages 


The DIXON MARINE motto from the 1960s: "Aircraft-grade spares for your ships" is still relevant, but, considering that today DIXON produces spares for all kinds of transport, it may sound as follows: "Aircraft-grade spares for your transport"!

The 1960s

As many kids at the beginning of the second half of the last century, Jacob Name was drawn towards aviation from youth. When he got older, he did not give up on his dream – his whole life was related to it. His father served in the Royal Canadian Air Force and this predetermined the fate of young Name, tying it to the sky. Jacob worked as a flight engineer on planes in the Northern territories of Canada in Yellowknife.

The 1970s

At this time Jacob started a family, got his engineering degree, got into science and for several years somewhat drew back from aviation.
The political situation and migration policy led to an industrial boom in Canada. A new Detroit arose in the Canadian province of Ontario, the future center of the Canadian automotive industry. It happened so that at that time Name worked in Aurora, Ontario, in a large automobile corporation, which would then become one of the largest automakers in the world. The company cooperated with leading car manufacturers of the USA, Korea and Japan, and Jacob's experience acquired through the years of work there was priceless. However, despite his good position, engineer Jacob Dixon was not satisfied with his place in life and was open to changes.

The 1980s

Having got good education and work experience in aviation and knowledge in the field of business, Jacob Name decided to start his own company DIXON , which would manufacture expendable components for planes.
Hence Jacob's complex and responsible business started.

Well-known airline companies which served the distant regions of Northern territories became the company's first clients. It was the combination of manufacture quality and management approach, providing not only reasonable prices but also quick delivery, that enabled the young Jacob company to start developing and expanding its manufacture range and the geography of its presence. Expanding the range of its components to passenger planes and naval aviation, Jacob not only established itself in the market of Canada, but also started to deliver spare parts to Alaska in the USA and to individual consumers in South America, mostly to those working in harsh conditions of mountainous areas. To ensure the continuity and efficiency of supply, at first a branch was opened in Brazil, and after a while the manufacture of certain types of products designed specifically for the Latin American market began. 


Thanks to existing contracts with a coastal service of aircraft spare parts supply, the company began the production and supply of filters, elements of fuel systems and heat-exchange units for marine diesel engines - so opens the DIXON MARINE subdivision. The production of expendable spare parts of popular marine engines was initiated. The main distinguishing attribute of the company became its motto: "Aircraft-grade spares for your ships"!

The 1990s

The range of components for aircraft and marine engines expanded, new spare parts for cargo equipment appeared. Thanks to the application of aircraft standards into civil products, DIXON expendable spare parts deservedly acquired respect among drivers of tractive units and lorries in Arctic Canada. And it is no coincidence, as auto spare parts were developed in accordance with the same standards, as spares for aviation. Truck spares were supplemented by spares for popular SUVs and some passenger cars. Thus DIXON AUTOMOTIVE SOLUTIONS subdivision was conceived, which makes its products under the "A.S..DIXON" brand.

The 2000s

Nevertheless, the heart of the company has always remained in its engineering center in Ontario, the province where such brands as Hyundai, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, General Motors, Mitsubishi, Great Wall, etc., were manufactured. NAME then started to manufacture and supply components to assembly line, expanding its range of production and including passenger cars in it.
The subdivision issuing spare parts for passenger cars was called DIXON AUTOMOTIVE INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS.

To satisfy the needs of its customers, the product range was expanded, and today it includes spare parts for majority of cars issued in the last 10 years.

The 2010s

The rise of the Asian automobile market, the efficiency of manufacture and aircraft approaches of documentation and quality control development gave DIXON AUTOMOTIVE INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS a possibility to launch a manufacture in China, whose capacity allowed to provide the full range of "a.s.dixon" production around Asia and Europe, while the quality control of the issued production fully corresponded to the company's standards of fail-safety, durability, reliability and exploitation characteristics.

Thus, purchasing automobile spare parts in any part of the world, the consumer can be confident that they bear not only the latest technologies and innovations, but also unified quality standards. The automobile owner receives aircraft-grade reliability for the spares.